Innovative Financing to Accelerate
Solar Water Heating

Under the Innovative Financing to Accelerate Solar Water Heating initiative, Green Markets worked to boost solar water heating applications in Latin America, the Caribbean, and elsewhere.  Principal collaborators included the Vitae Civilis Institute of São Paulo, Brazil and Bill Guiney of Caribbean Solar Technologies Ltd. of Anguilla.  Sponsors included the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP), Blue Moon Fund, and the Oak Foundation.

The initiative's aim was to advance mechanisms to increase the adoption of solar water heating technologies, with an emphasis on financial and commercial innovations.  In Brazil, the participants worked with Lumina Energia to produce model business plans for solar water heating fee-for-service operations, complementing Vitae Civilis's work with stakeholders to identify and remove barriers to broader SWH dissemination.  In the Caribbean, Green Markets worked with Bill Guiney to produce detailed conceptual models for utility-operated solar water heating fee-for-service programs, and conducted outreach to build awareness about the benefits and logistics of obtaining carbon finance for solar water heating.

Information & Resources on Innovative Financial Mechanisms for Solar Water Heating

Following is a compilation of information and resources on innovative financial mechanisms for solar water heating.

Initiative Publications

A Guide to Fee-for-Service Solar Water Heating Programs for Caribbean Electric Utilities

Business Prospects for Solar Water Heating Fee-for-Service Operations in Brazil: English - Portuguese

COP 11 Side Event on Solar Water Heating as a Climate Protection Activity

          Presentations by:

          • Green Markets International

          • Vitae Civilis

          • City of Cape Town

          • SouthSouthNorth

          • UNEP

Solar Water Heating Fee-for-Service & ESCO Operations

Companhia Brasileira de Energia Solar (A Brazilian solar thermal sale-of-energy company)

Lakeland Electric (Case study of a solar water heating sale-of-energy operation in Florida, USA)

Mondial Energy (A company with solar water heating fee-for-service operations in Canada and projects under development elsewhere)

Solar Water Heating & Carbon Markets

Carbon Trading & Renewable Energy in the Caribbean (GMI PowerPoint Presentation)

Solar Water Heating as a Climate Protection Strategy: The Role for Carbon Finance (GMI paper)

Program documents for a registered CDM Program (Program of Activities): Solar Water Heater Programme in Tunisia

Program documents for a registered CDM Program (Program of Activities): SASSA Low Pressure Solar Water Heater Programme.

Project documents for a SouthSouthNorth registered CDM project: Low-cost Urban Housing Energy Service Upgrades [using SWH, etc.], Khayelitsha (Cape Town; South Africa)

Approved Small-Scale CDM Methodologies

The Role of Domestic Policies and the Clean Development Mechanism on the Deployment of Small Scale Renewable Energy Technologies: The Case of Solar Water Heating in Mexico (Masters dissertation, Jose Luis Castro Negrete)

REC Trading

Emerging Markets for Renewable Energy Certificates: Opportunities and Challenges (US Department of Energy publication)

Bringing Solar Thermal Energy into Renewable Portfolio Standards and the Green Power Market (Article by Robert Reedy on bringing solar thermal energy into US green power markets)

US Department of Energy Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards webpage

Carbon & Renewable Energy Certificate Trading for Solar Water Heating - Examples and Lessons from Selected International Experiences (GMI Power Point)

Other Initiatives, Information, & Resources on Solar Water Heating

MEDREP Solar Water Heating System Loan Programs in Tunisia and Morocco


Directory of Solar Water Heating Companies Worldwide

ESTIF  (European Solar Thermal Industry Association)

International Solar Energy Society

Solar Water Heating page from the National Renewable Energy Lab (USA)

Solar Water Heating Project Model (RETScreen International software for SWH energy production, life-cycle cost, and GHG reduction modeling)

USH2O (A US Department of Energy-led program to foster collaboration between government, electric utilities, and industry for SWH growth)

DASOL ABRAVA (Brazil's Solar Heating Industry Association, Portugese language website)

Select Efforts to Boost Clean Energy & Sustainable Development in Latin America and the Caribbean

Caribbean Renewable Energy Development Programme (CREDP)

Global Sustainable Energy Islands Initiative (GSEII) (Organization of American States GSEII webpage)

REIA (Renewable Energy in the Americas - Organization of American States)

Information Gateway for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency


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