News and information on the carbon market


Tool Source Relevant Topics Notes
Carbon Finance newsletter Carbon Finance Markets E-newsletter published by editors of Environmental Finance magazine devoted to coverage of GHG markets (fee).
Carbon Market News PointCarbon Daily news about carbon market activity Free email-based access to headlines and limited content (fee for full content access).
Environmental Finance Magazine Environmental Finance Magazine Markets Magazine covers markets for environmental commodities.
Estimating the Market Potential for the Clean Development Mechanism PCFplus Market models, market factors, projections This paper is a thorough investigation into the myriad factors that contribute to the changes in demand for carbon.
European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) website European Union Outline of the European Union's Emissions Trading Scheme. This website offers all information pertaining to the EU ETS, including national allocation plans and carbon registries.
IETA's Trading Scheme Database IETA Database of carbon markets Comprehensive database of all planned and operating carbon markets.
IFC Market Intelligence Brief International Finance Corporation (IFC) Business & finance A series of executive briefing notes analyzing the market implications of environmental and social issues for the financial community in emerging markets.
JIQ Joint Implementation Network, the Netherlands News about carbon reduction activities. Magazine published by the Foundation Joint Implementation Network highlights Kyoto-related activities, available free of charge.
Point Carbon website PointCarbon Background, market data Comprehensive source of background and current information on carbon markets. Headlines and some content from the informative mail-based "carbon market news" are free of charge. Most current market information, however, is available only with a paid subscription.
Reuters InterActive Carbon Markets Community Reuters Carbon market news, prices, and analysis. A comprehensive source of carbon market news, prices, and analysis.
State and Trends of the Carbon Market reports World Bank Carbon Finance Business Team Market summary and projections An annual report assessing the carbon market, including an overview of the market structure; buyers and sellers; credit volume, flows, contracts, prices; and an outlook.
TFS Environmental: News and Events TFS - Traditional Financial Services Market news, events, and pricing Includes Global Environmental Reports, monthly updates on environmental markets worldwide, including CDM & JI, EU ETS, European power markets, U.S. emissions trading markets, and Australia renewable energy markets.

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