CDM background information, project cycle, and materials for CDM capacity building


Tool Source Relevant topics Notes
CDM homepage UNFCCC Secretariat CDM documents and proceedings Includes all CDM-related information that passes through the UNFCCC.  All official documents on the CDM are available here, including submitted PDDs, proposed and approved methodologies, lists of DNAs, AEs, DOEs, and reports from various panels.
CDM Information and Guidebook (second edition) CD4CDM Background This booklet is intended to inform all CDM project stakeholders about the CDM project cycle and related issues (2004).
Capacity Development for the Clean Development Mechanism UNEP Riso General, capacity building, legal, sustainable development CD4CDM works in specific countries, but they also provide documents available online for any party interested in the CDM. Downloadable publications include: "CDM Information and Guidebook (v.2)" (see separate entry), "Clean Development Mechanism", "Legal Issues Guidebook to the Clean Development Mechanism", "Wind Power and the CDM", "CDM Sustainable Development Impacts", "PDD Guidebook: Navigating the Pitfalls", "Baseline Methodologies for CDM Projects", and "Risks and Chances of Combined Forestry and Biomass Projects under the Clean Development Mechanism." CD4CDM also publishes a regularly updated CDM project database.
CDM Practical Toolkit SouthSouthNorth CDM process SouthSouthNorth's CDM Practical Toolkit helps guide CDM project developers and stakeholders through the various stages of a CDM project, from conception to implementation.  Access requires free membership (2004).
CDM Connect UNEP Background, CDM process, member forum CDM Connect is an online community for parties with an interest in the CDM.  Access requires a free membership (2005). IIED, EcoSecurities, ECCM CDM process This website is designed for parties seeking to access carbon finance for LULUCF projects, but its helpful question-and-answer format can be useful for most parties looking for information and resources on the CDM.  It has an extensive list of links, and also available are downloadable manuals on LULUCF CDM projects in English, Portuguese, French and Spanish (2002).
IETA CDM Guidance Note v2.0 International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) CDM process IETA is an NGO with a corporate membership.  They make numerous publications available free online, including the thorough Guidance Note linked here (2006).
The CDM Guidebook: A resource for project developers in South Africa Energy & Development Research Centre, University of Cape Town CDM project cycle, estimating emissions reductions (esp. developing baselines), financial evaluation of CDM, and project monitoring and verification This document is a rich and detailed analysis of the CDM and key aspects related to its inner workings.  An excellent source of information on details on CDM project finances, baseline identification, and monitoring plans (2002).
CDCFplus website World Bank Carbon Finance Business Background on the World Bank CDCF program to help small-scale CDM project developers access carbon markets, and related materials CDCFplus is the CDCF's capacity-building apparatus.
PCFplus website World Bank Carbon Finance Business Info on the PCF's capacity-building activities PCFplus is the PCF's capacity-building apparatus.
UNFCCC website United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) UNFCCC documents and proceedings The UN's web site for the secretariat governing international climate change negotiations.  It includes links to documents produced during official proceedings, including various subsidiary bodies and committees.

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