Information and reports on CDM project bundling


Source Title Notes
CREIA (Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association) Bundling family-hydro under the CDM in Vietnam and the Philippines The author of this presentation uses examples of small-scale hydro to test the potential for bundling projects (2004).
Factor Consulting + Management AG Renewable Energy Projects: Possibilities of Bundling within the CDM This presentation includes an excellent overview of modalities and procedures of small-scale CDM project bundling options, and highlights a bundling case study from India (2003). 
International Financial Consulting How Can Bundling of RE Projects Be Accomplished? A very thorough presentation that offers background on the need for bundling, the role of various institutions, and a proposed bundling structure (2004). 
IT Power Developing portfolios of small-scale projects - experience from Asia This presentation is a brief overview of project bundling and provides information on the experience of bundling activities in the Philippines and India (2004).
IT Power, IT Power India, ECN A Guide to Bundling Small-scale CDM Projects An output of the CDM Pool project, the report provides guidance on bundling small-scale CDM projects and experience from the development of project bundles (2005).
UNFCCC Appendix C of the Simplified Modalities and Procedures for Small-Scale CDM project activities: Determining the occurrence of debundling Small-scale project activities may be bundled at various stages of the CDM project cycle as long as they do not exceed SSC size limitations.  But, small-scale project activities must not be debundled from larger projects that would exceed SSC size limitations.  This document provides guidance for determining the occurrence of debundling (2003).
UNIDO Bundling small-scale energy efficiency projects This UNIDO paper addresses some of the issues related with small-scale project bundling and poses further questions for consideration (2003).

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