Guidance documents and materials on establishing GHG baseline and monitoring methodologies


Source Title Notes
Australia Government AGO Factors and Methods Workbook A workbook developed to help the Australian government and business identify GHG emissions and baselines (2004).
Energy & Development Research Centre Baselines for suppressed demand: CDM projects contribution to poverty alleviation. An academic paper on identifying suppressed baselines, an increasingly important way to involve LDCs more in the carbon market (2002).
ICLEI The Cities for Climate Protection Greenhouse Gas Emissions Software Originally developed for ICLEI Cities for Climate Change members, this “point-and-click” software tool can help any entity identify carbon baselines and develop climate action plans (2005).
LBL Evaluation of Metrics and Baselines for Tracking Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trends: Recommendations for the California Climate Action Registry A survey of methodologies for determining carbon emissions. Note that few methodologies are directly CDM-related, though the paper can still be useful (2003).
PCF Creating the Carbon Asset: PCF Workshop on JI & CDM Methodologies - COP-8, New Delhi, 22 October 02 A thorough presentation that outlines the PCF's approach to developing baseline methodologies (2002).
UNEP Baseline Methodologies for CDM Projects The guidebook offers an overview of the concepts behind baseline methodologies in the CDM.  It presents examples of approved methodologies for project specific and small-scale baselines, and it includes insight into baselines for land use and land use change (LULUCF) CDM projects (2006).
UNEP UNEP Guidelines for Calculating Greenhouse Gas Emissions for Businesses and Non-Commercial Organizations The guidelines provide a method for converting readily obtainable energy and fuel use information to estimate GHG emissions (2000).
UNEP Steps for Submission of New Baseline Methodologies UNEP presentation of how new methodologies for determining baselines are submitted and reviewed (2004).
UNEP CDM BASELINE METHODOLOGIES: The devil is in the details A presentation by the Climate Change Information Center, University of Manila, Philippines on baseline methodologies (2003).
UNEP CDM baseline calculations: from theory to practice This presentation provides an overview of the CDM, the project cycle, and approaches to developing baselines (2004). 
UNIDO Methodology for baseline and additionality analysis for multiple project categories: Guideline Document Prepared for project developers seeking to develop CDM or JI projects in the industry, energy, and other sectors, these guidelines are intended to help stakeholders determine proper system boundaries within which emissions can be calculated; identify and describe a baseline for the proposed project; account for expected changes in GHG emissions; and document and justify the baseline selection process (2004).
World Bank World Bank Carbon Finance Business (CFB)'s methodology development This page offers links to reports on the World Bank's methodology development activities (2006).
World Bank Training materials from World Bank methodology workshops This page contains links to workshops offered by the World Bank on CDM methodologies, among other topics (2006).
WRI/WBCSD This website, a project of WRI and the WBCSD, features tools for calculating GHG emissions.  Aimed mostly at businesses, this tool is also useful for any entity wishing to establish emission quantification guidelines for its sector or operations (2006).

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